The following writing is excerpted from my collection of poems and stories, entitled Look
Homeward Asheville
, published by Grateful Steps, Asheville, North Carolina, available
online at, and

As thoughts as pebbles thrown
And splash and are absorbed
By gentle yet currents quickly
Running and subdue--no, merge--
My thoughts with the afternoon.
I sit upon the black ground,
And watch the swift, brown flow
And feel a chill alone
But see the black elm
Gently played by summer breeze,
Extend her arching arms
As though by fingers touch
To match the other side
As distant thunder shakes the sky
With ranges reaching before my eyes.
I rise to stop the chilling damp
Fill quickly through my being
As quickly my shoe, soil filled,
Now wide worn, and begin to walk
Along the yellow-leafed patch.
The rain begins to fall
Upon the dark roof of sweeter memory
And turns again to gentle snow
And again to rain, and
Again I turn to go.
                                    Peter Olevnik